moral  guidance

Risks are higher for children from disadvantaged circumstances. We minimize those risks by providing positive role models, teaching self awareness, and the importance of integrity.  

focus on education


Academic achievement is the launchpad for personal growth and success. KSZ provides tutoring, homework help and invaluable encouragement. We want our kids to know college is obtainable, and we make sure they can see that path.

As schools struggle to meet federal achievement standards, after-school programs are increasingly viewed as a potential source of academic support for youth at risk of school failure. The hope among youth advocates and policymakers is that after- school programs can partially compensate for the inequities that plague our nation’s schools and play a role in efforts to narrow gaps in achievement between more and less advantaged students.

Can after school programs level the playing

field for disadvantaged youth?

Kids Safe Zone helps students

to achieve their goals

by Margo Gardner, Jodie L Roth,

Jeanne Brooks-Gunn

Campaign for Educational Equity

There is a Good Reason Why All of Our Kids Get Swimming Lessons from Certified Instructors

Founder and Chairman, Greg White grew up in West St. Augustine. If there is one thing from his childhood that left an impression on him, it's the heartbreaking memories, of the schoolmates he lost to drowning.  Greg is determined to ensure that this generation yields strong confident swimmers. Each spring, Kids Safe Zone takes all of their students to be coached and tested by YMCA Certified instructors at the Solomon Calhoun Center. 

In Pools, Young Blacks Drown at Far Higher Rates

by Ann C Heyman 

St. Augustine Record

By Mike Stobbe, AP Medical Writer 

BET Health News (AP)

What began in 1996 as an idea to help St. Johns County kids with their homework has grown into a project involving three after-school learning sites serving nearly 50 children, grades kindergarten to middle school....

fun activities


It's fun! There are indoor and outdoor play areas, games, cookouts, and even field trips. We take swimming lessons, play basketball, do crafts and go to museums. We even tour local colleges!

NEW YORK (AP) — A new study shows swimming pools are a much greater danger to black children and teens than they are to other kids.The report found black children ages 5 to 19 drowned in swimming pools at a rate more than five times that of white children. Previous research has suggested that's because fewer blacks know how to swim.

A  Safe Place to Learn & Grow

West Augustine Historical Community Development Corporation's

Not for Profit & Free After School Program, Hosted by the American Legion Post 194